Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pot luck at Seow's :)

Here's what those who didn't came missed:

1. Seeing Seow's naked photo. :-) (For those of you who came and don't remember seeing it, it's the photo above his wife's, just next to the drums)(OK, I have to admit that seeing Seow naked is not something people look forward to, but hey, it's not something that you get to see everyday :-P)

2. The story of why a certain someone got scared even though there weren't any spiders :-D

3. It's the 7th day of the Lunar New Year, it's Block 7, and it's the 7th floor. You'll have to wait till next year once you miss that... Oh, and there were representatives from 7 families.

4. I would mention the food, but knowing my fellow workers, this will only result in demands to bring it to the office, so I won't mention it :-P

5. Stories. News. Gossip. Updates. Lots of them. Especially since some people tend to talk a lot after inhibiting alcohol :-P

Friday, January 27, 2012

Timeline for the week from 26th Jan to 28th Jan

26th Jan- 碰到没戴眼镜的眼镜蛇, 没戴眼镜的Vicki差点碰到"只猪",Seow让人大跌眼镜,尽然"吃蛇"

27th Jan- Jing Xian tells spider stories.

28th Jan- Jing Xian gets told spider stories.

29th Jan- Not a working day, but field workers have pot luck at Seow's place to celebrate the New Year :-)

Timeline for the week from 17th Jan to 20th Jan

17th Jan- 牛哥 and Vicki encounter a "色鬼"

18th Jan- Vicki 跑去当武打名星. Andy 以为找到蛇蛋,结果虚惊一场,跟弹珠一样大的东东怎么可能是蛇蛋呢?

19th Jan- 当了武打名星后的Vicki果然不一样,拿刀砍吕凯,吕凯尽然没事,Vicki果然是有练过 :-P

20th Jan- Seow and Jing Xian hold a singing contest, Lukai gets stung by a bee, Pik Ching encounters a snake, photographers from Straits Times came.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snake vs Spider

Well, today we spotted a snake in the grass, not that type of "snake in the grass", a real snake, erm, in the grass.

I was with Seow and Vicki, and we had just alighted from the transport, and climbing our way up. Seow was in front, I was in the middle, and Vicki took the rear. And then I spotted it. It was right there! Just next to Seow. If it was a snake it would have bit you. Oh wait, it was a snake, a black cobra to be precise :-P If Seow had stepped out with his right foot instead of his left foot, he would have stepped on it.

Mr. Cobra(or was it Mrs) didn't notice us, or if he did he didn't care. His back was to us and after our initial scare, me and Seow started taking photos with our cameras. Vicki phoned back to warn that we spotted a cobra, and after we watched Cobra slither till he was out of sight, we continued up the slope.

Now, those of us who have worked with Seow before will know that he goes at it like a boy killing snakes. He was understandably shaken after nearly stepping on one though, so I volunteered to take point. Pretty much an uneventful trip up though.

Me and Vicki's assigned graves today were placed... let's just say that if you plotted our path, you would find that it snaked all over the place.

Other than that, our work on documenting the graves proceeded quite smoothly today. Other than Vicki almost walking face first into a rather large spider and screaming loud enough that Seow and Henry working a distance away from us asked us what happened. Black with red markings. Fangs about 0.2cm long. Length measuring about 12cm. That's what happened. And happening at "if it was a snake it would have bit you" distance. In hindsight, perhaps I should have gone for "Vicki, don't move" and then gone up and pulled her away, rather than yelling "Vicki, spider", so that instead of backing into it(the spider), she turned and found herself face to face with it. Nothing else happened to her (or the spider) though.

On our way back, Vicki pointed out another spider. This one, black with yellow markings, was comparable in size to the one we encountered, but I couldn't see the fangs, so I was considerably less impressed :-P A bite by this one (likely) wouldn't puncture the skin, so I mentally filed it under "nuisance", whereas Mr Red Markings had the fangs for the venom to carry through for a bite, so was filed under "potentially dangerous". I'm no expert on venomous spiders though. (Unless you think being bitten by one on the back of the neck back in Tekong and feeling feverish for close to a day as a result makes me an expert :-P)(And no, I don't have spider powers.)

Oh, what happened to the snake? Well, I'm not implying anything but Seow "ate snake" today ;-)