Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pot luck at Seow's :)

Here's what those who didn't came missed:

1. Seeing Seow's naked photo. :-) (For those of you who came and don't remember seeing it, it's the photo above his wife's, just next to the drums)(OK, I have to admit that seeing Seow naked is not something people look forward to, but hey, it's not something that you get to see everyday :-P)

2. The story of why a certain someone got scared even though there weren't any spiders :-D

3. It's the 7th day of the Lunar New Year, it's Block 7, and it's the 7th floor. You'll have to wait till next year once you miss that... Oh, and there were representatives from 7 families.

4. I would mention the food, but knowing my fellow workers, this will only result in demands to bring it to the office, so I won't mention it :-P

5. Stories. News. Gossip. Updates. Lots of them. Especially since some people tend to talk a lot after inhibiting alcohol :-P

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