Friday, January 27, 2012

Timeline for the week from 17th Jan to 20th Jan

17th Jan- 牛哥 and Vicki encounter a "色鬼"

18th Jan- Vicki 跑去当武打名星. Andy 以为找到蛇蛋,结果虚惊一场,跟弹珠一样大的东东怎么可能是蛇蛋呢?

19th Jan- 当了武打名星后的Vicki果然不一样,拿刀砍吕凯,吕凯尽然没事,Vicki果然是有练过 :-P

20th Jan- Seow and Jing Xian hold a singing contest, Lukai gets stung by a bee, Pik Ching encounters a snake, photographers from Straits Times came.

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