Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wendy's "5kg" (taken on 18th April)

Was partnered with Ted Hin and Chai Jing on 18th April. Saw grass rustling about a metre away. This was a slow "something moving inside grass and still continuing to move inside grass" rustle, not the "something inside grass that has been startled and moving at high speed (hopefully away) and then nothing" rustle.

Saw this large red and black centipede moving around and around. It would climb up to the top of a gravestone, do a backflip, falling back down and then repeat the whole process somewhere else again. I have no idea the centipede was trying to do. After spending something like around 15 minutes looking like it was just randomly moving around, Ted Hin mused aloud about whether we should hit it unconscious with a stick and bring it back. It started moving away after that... :-P

Oh, and Pik Ching thought that it was cute, but it was a pity that it was poisonous, or it would have made a nice pet. Hmmm... :-D

What? Oh, the "5kg" thing? That's cos' Wendy (Tan) misheard "centipede spirit" in Chinese.

Will likely upload the rest of the photos on Facebook in the next couple of days.

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